Ysl Full Metal Shadow

Ysl Full Metal Shadow – My good intentions to stay away from new cream or liquid eyeshadows went out the window as soon as I heard about YSL Full Metal Shadows. They looked like Armani in a different color scheme So I had to Online photo #7, Aquatic Copper, looked particularly appealing, so I pre-ordered it from Nordstrom and waited for it to magically appear on my doorstep.

The YSL Full Metal shade is actually similar to the above Armani eyeshadow, but more liquid This makes them difficult to work with, even though the applicator is well designed and slightly small However, at least in a watery bronzer I’ve tested, the overly runny texture is patchy, making the pigment and shine a little different. I have used all the tricks I learned wearing Armani, but the results are still not satisfactory I have to do a lot of layering (which means more set time) and have some glitter fall out to add insult to the hot mess which is unacceptable for a liquid eyeshadow.

Ysl Full Metal Shadow

The color itself is pretty, though not quite what you see online on Nordstrom’s website I was hoping for a lot of complexity, but what I got was straight copper with an uneven spread of silver microglitter. A switch comparison with the Armani #10 Senso above, a more attractive option YSL Full Metal Shades in 1 Gray Splash, 3 Taupe Drops and 9 Misty Green: Review & Swatches.

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For Summer 2015, Yves Saint Laurent launched a line of ten shades of liquid eyeshadow with a beautiful metallic finish. The Full Metal shade ($32 CAD) promises sixteen-hour wear and no creases, no fading. To see some samples and read my review, click…

The YSL Full Metal shade comes in a really fancy lip gloss tube The cap is gold and the tube has a stunning shiny silver design around it with the YSL logo The doe foot applicator has an attractive curved shape to fit the curve of the eye

Immediately, these full metal shadows remind me of Armani Eye Tints, a cream to powder eye shadow. However, compared to Armani Eye Tints, these YSL shades are a bit lacking in many ways

Firstly, the full metal shadows are not too pigmented, the formula is very nice; The color is buildable but mostly bright Second, the composition does not go perfectly, so the brightness will pass However, if you have normal or dry skin, don’t bleach too much I tried to combine them with powders but the results were not good because powders don’t mix well with this texture

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Gigantic Nordstrom/sephora Online Haul!

9 Misty Green is a vibrant sea green, 1 Gray Splash is a silver gunmetal and 3 Taupe is a shimmery taupe brown.

YSL Full Metal Shadow is a cool, creamy liquid-powder formula Pigmentation is a bit lacking and the color doesn’t set completely which means the shimmer will transfer If you like these shades, I’d recommend checking out the Armani Eye Tints, which I really like. Eye Makeup Nordstrom YSL Beauty Yves Saint Laurent Eye Makeup: Pop Water Collection Full Metal Shadow and Couture Eye Primer April 3, 2015

Yves Saint Laurent has some new items on the eye makeup scene this season. From new eyeshadow primers, powder eyeshadow palettes and new cream/liquid metallic shimmer eyeshadows, YSL offers a variety of formula options to suit your personal taste and preference. Three presented items include:

Today I have a review of Pop Water Full Metal Shadow and Couture Eye Primer The Pop Water Collection is now exclusive to Nordstrom A few weeks ago, I reviewed and selected my gloss stains and nail polishes I’ve been wearing the glossy stains in Pink Rain and Wet Nude because they give the lips a gorgeous glossy look with a nice pop of color. Full metal shadows are metallic liquid shadows that come with an angled applicator with a sponge tip. The first time you use it and get the product on the sponge you need a few pumps of them I played with all the colors and did three tests on three separate full days I am happy to report eyes that actually wear them for a long time They stayed on from 5:00 AM until late at night, when I removed my makeup at 5:00 PM one day, 8:45 PM another, and 11:30 PM another day.

Ysl Full Metal Shadow 13 Velvet Beige

When applied, they glide right out of the tube onto the lid and blend with your finger. One swipe delivers soft, buildable color The pigment on these is really good Some are brighter than others, but overall I found each color to be wearable and perfect for everyday use. The shimmer is smooth and although some have complex shimmer, the texture melts into the skin and blends really well.

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All the colors here change with different lighting so you can see how they look when the light or flash hits the shadows. Note that they are taken directly from the tube without mixing Don’t worry about the shimmer, the colors blend nicely and bleed a little, but they don’t lose their pigment.

As someone who loves a good nail polish that isn’t too matte or shimmery, I was surprised that I found this to be very wearable. The name “Full Metal” suggests that they are very metallic, and I think they are, but the shimmer is subtle and blends really well to blend into the skin. The colors are layerable so you can control how much color you want on your eyes I give them a big thumbs up

Next up is the new Couture Eye Primer The two shades are fair and medium, though the medium is still light Medium is a creamy soft light beige shade with a hint of pearl The product feels great to the touch, like a cream/mousse hybrid and soft in the pot, but it dries down to an irresistible finish. The finish is slightly dewy but not too shiny and stays put They are meant as an eyeshadow base for enhanced wear or for a bare eye look on its own Given the lightness and pearly quality of the medium, I suspect it would be best for people with fair or light-medium skin. The pearl texture isn’t too cool, but due to the pigmented nature of the product, I think it can accentuate lines if it contrasts with the skin – like using a foundation that’s lighter for your skin tone.

Yves Saint Laurent Full Metal Shadow ยป White Praline

I like a primer under powder It makes a good semi-creamy base to cover shadows and blend well on lids I couldn’t test the 16-hour wear claim, but I did find that it helped keep my shade from dawn to dusk (about 10 hours of wear). I wouldn’t recommend this for those with dry lids (the pearly texture can highlight dry patches), but if you have oily lids common to you, this is a great option to help keep the shade in place.

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Here are the swatches next to YSL Touche Eclat 5.5, the color I used You can see that Couture Eye Base is very light in the middle I think the product will be perfect as the warmer weather approaches I hope YSL expands the color range because it’s a good primer but very light in color One of the reasons I don’t like a lot of eye primers from other brands is that they’re too limited and fair colors make my skin look ashy or too matte. YSL Couture Eye Primer has a beautiful pearly quality that adds that depth If darker shades are released, I’ll wear them as a nude shade myself

The bottom line loves full metal shadows for their buildable coverage and lasting power My favorite is Onde Sable 4, although it looks like your standard champagne shimmer, it has enough power to give it a bit more sparkle without going overboard. Taupe Drop a is a close second because it’s a shade you can wear alone for an eyeshadow look. Blend the color onto the lid and then apply more along the lash line for more color and depth. Couture Eye Primer is a great product for keeping the shadows on, I hope it extends the color range

Have you checked out the Pop Water Full Metal Shadows, Couture Eye Primer, or the new 10-pan eyeshadow palette? What do you think? You can find them now online and in Nordstrom stores (note GWP while supplies last, details online).

Ysl Full Matte Shadow 16hr Wear (enigmatic Beige 10

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