Ywca Child Care Canberra

Ywca Child Care Canberra – If you would like to arrange a tour of the family service, please contact Liz Borger on 62471084 or email [email protected]

Our center-based care nurtures and supports all aspects of a child’s individual development; all children are treated equally and respected as individuals. Our team encourages and supports children’s individual needs to learn and participate quickly through positive feedback. Cultural diversity is an important consideration in program development, with an emphasis on children’s social, emotional, creative, intellectual and physical development.

Ywca Child Care Canberra

Our services are fully licensed and assessed and rated by the ACT Government’s regulator Child Education and Care Assurance (CECA).

Rachel Avery, Author At Ywca

YWCA Canberra provides care for all children in our community. If your child needs further support, please contact our children’s service on 6180 5777.

For information on childcare costs, contact the Australian Government Family Assistance Office on 13 61 50.

All three of my children have attended Campbell Cottage … The center has excellent facilities as it has been extensively renovated. The staff really cares about the children… At the end of each day, the staff knows who my children are, what they are doing and what problems/challenges they are having during the day. I really have no doubts in recommending Campbell Cottage as a center that is open to very high standards where children are happy to go and parents feel safe leaving their children in care. That sounds good to working parents, but the underlying reality is that these services are all drawn from a small pool of qualified educators — a pool that shows no signs of growing to meet the needs.

According to the Australian Government’s Labor Market Projections, the education and childcare sector will need a 20 percent increase in the number of educators between 2019 and 2024 (about 30,000 people) in order to meet demand.

Early Learning Care

People working as early childhood educators, even at entry level, must have or be working towards a Certificate III qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC).

At least half of the teachers in the service must have a minimum diploma. There is also a tight relationship between educators and children in their daily lives.

Without sufficient staff with the right qualifications, early childhood services will have to reduce their capacity. This is exactly what is happening in Canberra and across Australia.

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Between 2016 and 2019, ECEC Diploma enrollment in Australia fell by more than a third. We currently have a huge deficit in the early childhood workforce, with services struggling to attract qualified staff. A recent search for the term “early childhood educator” on a major recruitment website found 175 job vacancies in Canberra alone.

Compare Child Care In Campbell, Act 2612

Although we offer salaries and conditions that are higher than awards, we have found it difficult to recruit quality staff for YWCA Canberra’s early childhood services. This concerns us as a service provider and as an organization dedicated to improving women’s rights and freedoms.

At YWCA Canberra, we have been offering early childhood education and care services since the 1970s to help more local women enter the workforce. The need for these services has only grown since then, with women now making up 47.4 percent of all working people, but still carrying out caregiving duties.

Lack of access to early childhood services is a significant barrier for mothers in the workforce. In the 2018-19 ABS survey, the unemployed and unemployed were asked why they could not start work or work more. Almost half of the women surveyed cited “taking care of children” as a barrier; this factor is only 3.2 percent of people.

When asked what would encourage people to return to the workplace or increase working hours, the most common responses related to childcare and childcare. Half of the women surveyed said they needed more access to childcare services and more financial assistance with related costs. This shows a clear link between women’s labor force equality and access to early childhood education and care. While staff shortages limit space in child care facilities, it does not affect working parents; the effect is disproportionately felt by women, who are usually the second earner in the family.

Men Are Still Making The Final Calls On Women’s Safety

Some work is being done to increase the number of people entering early childhood careers, such as government grant programs and targeted support. The Australian Childcare and Education Quality Authority has recently developed a 10-year National Workforce Strategy. I would like to see that it includes consideration of how to better recognize professionalism in the early childhood sector, in terms of salary and social status, which I and many others have been calling for for several years.

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At YWCA Canberra, we are dedicated to building a pipeline of qualified and confident ECEC professionals as part of our work to address gender inequality. But we are only one organization. This needs to be a bigger discussion in society, in the workplace and in our government.

The difficulty of achieving gender equality in the workplace is well known, but ensuring access to high-quality early childhood education and care is an important part of the solution. At YWCA Canberra, we value the power of education and the role that educators play in our lives. from children. We know that educators have a unique dedication when working with children every day. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate Early Childhood Educators Day to show our support and love to all the educators who work in our service.

At Conder Early Childhood Services,  Director Meghan created a beautiful send-off for her staff to thank them for all their hard work and dedication. In this celebration, the educators were given a delicious meal along with succulents and homemade body scrub donated by family and community members.

Little Jazzy’s Child Care And Kindergarten

“I can honestly ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​wardly say that this team is here for the right reasons and shows their work ethic and dedication. Working at Conder has increased my passion for the sector and I look forward to seeing our dreams come true. Meghan shared.

At Currawong Early Childhood Services,  Director Emily provided a table stocked with a selection of (individually wrapped) dips and sweet treats, gift notebooks, pens and chocolates and a certificate of recognition for each tutor.

“Despite the challenges we have faced this year, the team has worked hard for the children with a smile. I am proud to be the director of the Currawong team and excited to see what we can do next year,” he said.

The director of Spence Children’s Cottage, Cat, loves to see how the educators in her service interact with the children. “All of our educators are amazing at caring for the kids,” Cat said.

The New Age Parents Enrichment & Resource Guide 2016/2017 By Newageparents

“Every educator goes above and beyond to ensure that children have everything they need to grow and learn in the most supportive environment we can offer.”

Based on this year’s challenges, Win yu Director Kiki believes that 2020 has made his team stronger and more resilient than before. “Despite facing many challenges, the team still sticks together and supports each other,” he said.

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“He knows how to use his strength to support other people’s weaknesses. I think that’s what makes Winyu unique and strong.” As an early childhood educator, I am fortunate enough to work with and meet many interesting and unique people. I have worked with children and families for 16 years and every day is different from the last.

Early childhood education and care is something I am passionate about. Ask my team, who see my eyes light up with joy when they see them achieve something amazing with a child using a simple stick and two pieces of paper. One of the best parts of my job is being surrounded by passionate people, men and women who are dedicated and want to make an impact on the future.

Ywca Canberra: Ywca Canberra On The Health And Wellbeing Of Children In Immigration Detention

I truly believe that a good childhood experience is the best way to create a bright future, for myself and the children I work with. It allows children to develop their curiosity, practical skills while learning everything from literacy to numeracy, life skills and social skills.

Quality educators also provide an environment where children learn to be resilient, persevere, and get up and keep going when life throws them a curve ball.

In addition, early childhood education and care provide a stable support structure that enables women to be actively employed or educated, which is integral to YWCA Canberra’s goal of helping women achieve their potential.

I am proud to be an educator, a champion for children, an advocate for educators and a supporter of good education and early care as an important part of our society.

Preschool Parents Group Chat

I asked some YWCA Canberra educators what they like about working in early childhood education and care and here’s what they had to say:

“I can be a part of a lot of different people to make a difference.” – Sam

“Smile at it

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