Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator

Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator – Model number eXO® Large Technology Recommended pool size 100000L (for warm climates). :100Q Name chlorine production. :35 g/h Operating Mode Normal = 0% to 100% adjustable in 10% increments. Low Mode = adjustable range 0 to 30% Boost Mode = 24 hours continuous 100% device control Filter Pump: Any single speed pump or Zodiac® variable speed pump. Light: Any single color light or any Zodiac/Jandy series Multi-color light (requires additional relay box part number WW000222) Salt level (recommended – minimum) 4000 ppm recommended (minimum – 3300 ppm) Antibacterial protection Cold water temperature sensor Controls chlorine output conditions to to help protect the cell from excessive wear and tear and damage. WARNING INDICATORS Low Salt Indicator: Reduces output to protect electrodes. “No Flow” message: Production is interrupted unless conditions are optimal. Power supply 196 W / 110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz Dimensions Power supply: H-370mm x W-320mm x D-100mm RP cell: H-160mm x W-320mm x D-110mm

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Zodiac Tri Chlorine Generator

Filter pump: Single Speed ​​​​Pump or Zodiac® Variable Speed ​​​​Pump. Light: Any monochrome light or any Zodiac/Jandy Sequence multi-color light (Note: Requires additional relay box part number WW000222)

Exo Large 35g/h Zodiac Salt Chlorinator

A temperature sensor controls chlorine production in cold water and protects the cell against excessive wear.

“Low Salt” Indicator: Reduces output to protect electrodes. “No Flow” message: Production is interrupted unless conditions are optimal.

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Australian elements often accelerate erosion. Pests, corrosion and electrical current can cause damage to pool scrapers. Buy a new cell phone, cable or control box? Service shops often charge exorbitant hourly calls to identify these problems and increase the cost of parts.

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Eco Chlor Zodiac Tri Large

Universal “Plug and Play” kits for the best pool equipment are designed to easily connect to existing pool equipment. That’s why this important pool cleaning component is meant to be renewed against wear and tear without having to replace the entire piping system.

Part of the reason chlorinators fail is due to calcium build-up on the cell plate. RetroChlor addresses this problem with reverse polarity technology that reverses the direction of the current at regular intervals to dissolve the calcium from the plate.

Older style chlorinators use a transformer as part of the AC to DC conversion process. The copper wires in these transformers have a high resistance to the flow of electricity, causing high power consumption and possible overheating of the chlorinator. This RetroChlor model uses the latest switch technology, saving you up to 50% on the operating costs of the chlorinator, making it more environmentally friendly.

As mentioned earlier, the Australian elements can accelerate the weathering of equipment left outdoors. Retrochlor fights the elements with high-quality internal components and an acrylic weather-resistant shield. Safety is a priority for the unit, with built-in overcurrent and temperature controls ensuring reliability in the extreme heat and harsh operating conditions of the Australian climate. For peace of mind, the manufacturer’s warranty covers the power supply and cells with a 2-year full replacement warranty.

Zodiac Ei Xpert Saltwater Chlorinator

All the bottoms are covered so you can safely swim in the crystal clear water thanks to chlorination by RetroChlor. Swimming in healthy salt water free of harsh substances and harmful bacteria.

In many cases, manufacturers simply discontinue parts and optimize new systems one-to-one with older technology. As a result, parts are difficult to find without re-installing a whole new system and its pipe/cell housing. Connectors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so some parts won’t fit in older systems. RetroChlor is custom made in different sizes to fit different brands.

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This unit will only work with existing Zodiac Triseries cell housings. We offer a variety of RetroChlor kits that are compatible with other brands.

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Zodiac Tri Compact Cell Salt Chlorinator Pool Cell Generic Electrode Aus Made

Enjoy simple and reliable pool maintenance thanks to the Zodiac Tri Salt Chlorinator and Ph Controller. It’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use, complete chlorination and pH system.

Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator and Ph Controller is user friendly, monitoring can be done in a simple and easy way.

The Zodiac Tri Salt Chlorinator has an independent system with two settings (low and boost) to manually or automatically reduce chlorine production in covered pools or increase production during periods of high pool use. I can do it.

Zodiac TRi salt chlorinators and pH controllers also include adjustable spin time for hard water areas, built-in flow switch, push-button superchlorination and an excellent 3-year warranty for complete, reliable quality assurance. Comes with an unconditional warranty.

Zodiac Tri Chlorinator Miscellaneous Spare Parts

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Zodiac Ei2 Mid Saltwater Chlorinator

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Zodiac Tri Chlorinator Control Circuit Board Pcb Display W082993 Free Postage

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Zodiac Clearwater Lm2 40 Salt Chlorinator Cell 40g/ph Generic Made In Australia

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